Hello again

Hey hey, don't know if you remember me ? I use to write on this blog a little while ago. The last post was back to nearly the end of my second year at university. Where am I today ? Still in England, London to be precise, trying to go through my third and final year at university. Some things have changed in past couple of months, but as you can see from the photos below, I'm still pretty much the same. At least from the outside. Another thing that, thankfully, hasn't changed at all is my friendship with Evangelina. You may remember her for some old outfits posted here...or more likely you may know her from her tremendously fascinating blog (which I'm strongly reccomending you to check out). Once again, if I look at least decent in these pictures it's all thanks to her. For now, enjoy these photos. I hope I'll be back soon but I won't promise anything, you know me !
Bisous xx

Bicker jacket: Silvian Heach - Tshirt: Gap - Jeans: Topshop - Shoes: Nike


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